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LIVE OFFICE HOURS by subscription

Take the next step in your journey to further your clinical skills and be an informed advocate for your patients.


Introducing LIVE OFFICE HOURS with Dr. Nalini Chilkov, the exclusive live mentoring and clinical supervision program for AIIORE members. With Live Office Hours, you'll gain access to monthly live sessions with Dr. Nalini, where you will:

  • Get all of your most pressing clinical questions answered every month
  • LEARN TO MASTER the OutSmart Cancer System®
  • ACHIEVE clinical excellence
  • IMPROVE outcomes
  • GAIN confidence in building individualized care plans
  • ELIMINATE the guesswork

In these exclusive live sessions, Dr. Nalini will:

  • Review your cases and treatment plans
  • Answer your most pressing questions
  • Help you deepen and expand your clinical skills
  • Work to increase your competency in providing your patients the solutions they need

PLUS, you'll get to:

  • Stay up-to-date on the latest research and cutting-edge cancer treatment ideas
  • Grow your knowledge and continue your clinical development
  • Enjoy interacting with a community of like-minded clinicians
  • Become a leader in your community and be an advocate for your patients

If you can't attend a live session, you can submit questions in advance and then watch the recording through the AIIORE Resource Library.

Don't wait another day to take the next step. Subscribe to LIVE OFFICE HOURS with Dr. Chilkov to receive monthly live mentoring and case supervision.